Exterior Service


Exterior Painting Overview

On the exterior of your home, a professional paint job means added elegance and beauty, but it also does much more; paint is a barrier against damage caused by the sun's rays and winter rain.

All Pro Painting brings added value to your home with our 30 years of experience and industry know-how.

Winterize your home and protect against water leaks by having your stucco inspected for cracks. Since rain water can leak inside cracked stucco and cause winter damage inside your home, our painting experts will make sure that all visible cracks are professionally sealed with proper preparation.

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest 

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We do an EXTENSIVE 14-step process that prepares and protects your home against peeling that other painting contractors don't offer for the same price and with our exclusive 5-year warranty.

  • Repair dryrot & termite damage on all wood work.
  • Sand all exterior wood work.
  • Scrape stucco
  • Trench 4" below ground level.
  • Power or pressure wash (3000 psi).
  • Spot prime all bare wood.
  • Caulk all cracks using silicone material.
  • Patch with Bondo & sand smooth.
  • Spot prime Bondo. (2nd coat of primer).
  • Spot prime all stuccoed areas needing patchwork.
  • Stucco patch.
  • Spot prime stucco patch. (2nd coat of primer).
  • Property protect all windows, lights, driveway, walkways, and plants.
  • Apply 2 coats of finish. Spray or Rolled.

Most other contractors:

  • Power wash first.
  • Sand surfaces, but then everything gets dirty.
  • Don't trench
  • Dont prime the raw areas first,
  • Don't use bondo,
  • Most don't caulk all cracks,
  • Dont spot prime the bare wood and stucco before they patch.